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Next Production

Here is a list of current and planned productions. For enquiries or further details for listed productions please use this Contact Form or see this page for tickets.



This Murder Mystery was due to be performed on Saturday 19th August, but has now been postponed to a later date.

Please keep your eye out for updates either here on on Facebook to get the new date.

Walberton Players are very excited to announce the launch of
their next production - the musical comedy ‘Nunsense’ by Dan
Goggin. A lively and hilarious spoof about the misadventures of
five nuns trying to manage a fundraiser.
Rehearsals on Thursday evenings and performances w/c 12
February 2024.
There will be a launch evening in the back hall of Walberton Village
Hall on Thursday 7th September at 7.30pm. All members and
interested parties are invited to come along to find out more.
We’d be delighted to see everyone interested in auditioning,
helping backstage or who would just like to join us for a fun
For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Cat and the Canary (2022)

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Murdered to Death (2020)

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Annie get your gun

Annie Get Your Gun (2017)

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The King and I (2016)

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